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Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
, checks, food, and your time and energy. just please, help out. dan and carolyn? >> we'll take it all. >> great way to give where you live is to go to abc7 nuts facebook page. we'll donate $one and we'll enter to win $7,000 cash. >> sandhya patel is in at 6:00. >> temperatures are falling. we have 40s around the bay area. only going to get stronger by morning. now we're feeling affect of the air degree drop in concord. looking at wind directions here, i know people from mid west might laugh. but when you consider wind, a little bit of a break, makes it feel colder. we call it a windchill factor. you're looking at beautiful view of the financial district. 51 in san francisco. 50s in oakland check out san jose. you're down to 48 degrees the view from our camera looking at eastern span of the bay bridge. it's clear outside. temperatures falling and falling fast in areas like napa. nine degree drop in just one hour. at the top of the show i told you it's 49. bundle up tonight make sure you have an an extra blanket and turn up the heat. south beach camera looking at the bay bridge. freeze
Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm PST
soing start storing energy. >> energy stored in these berry like hips in san jose, abc7 news. >> let's turn now to abc7 news reporter wayne freedman this, is the second night where you are. >> it s it's cold last night. and imagine, you haven't used your furnace, you turn it on, nothing happens how do we know when cold is too cold? this this home when the thermo stat barely budges 50 because the furnace won't work. >> couldn't have been more than 40 last night. >> in the snous i'm hearing about it. space heaters only go so far. >> william powell of one hour heating and air conditioning. >> this is my fourth or fifth call today. >> normal? during this time of the year, yes. 7, 8 calls per day. >> really? >> yes. >> are you done? no. no. it's not dark out yet >> in downtown santa rosa a bright sun fool nod one. or most anyway. >> it's fine. it's fine. really. really. >> unless you're one of those unfortunate souls facing a night on the streets. then, arriving early to redwood rescue mission becomes equivalent of working for a living. >> if you have no gloves and no hat, and you're fortun
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2